Superb Maastricht

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Maastricht is a city and municipality in the south of the Netherlands. It is the capital of the province of Limburg and has 119,447 inhabitants. This makes it the largest municipality in the province of Limburg. Maastricht originated at a ford in the river Maas, from which it owes its name.

Imagine yourself in a French atmosphere

One of the best kept secrets is Maastricht. A city that resembles a French city, beautiful buildings and streets. Worn cobblestones, many terraces, restaurants and bars. Don't forget the local dish of sour meat with fries.
The surroundings of Maastricht are hilly, beautiful landscape, with farms, plenty of catering. Wonderful for walking and mountain biking. Valkenburg, the Geul valley and the three country point with Belgium and Germany. There is so much to see and experience. Spa & Wellness, Shop till you drop in Maastricht and for MICE a fantastic undiscovered part of the Netherlands.

A couple of links to get you in the mood for Maastricht. Vistit Maastricht en Discover South of Limburg.

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