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Hamburg is one of the nicest and most surprising cities in Germany. The city is known as a rough port city, but it is precisely the water that makes the city so charming. There are museums on ships and in old warehouses and Hamburg has great neighborhoods to discover. So put the city on your list.

An average city trip to Hamburg consists of two overnight stays, which brings the average duration of a holiday in Hamburg to three days. That's also enough to discover the city's main highlights and leave enough time for eating and shopping. But if your stay is a bit longer, it is also not a problem. I have been there and it is one of the cities I would love to visit more often. Hamburg is a rich metropolis full of cozy bars, nice shops and impressive sights.

Frau Möller - I was there

You all know that you can drink and eat at a bar. Watch some sports or have a good time with friends, your team or colleagues. How to find it and when it is open. is all on their website.

Being there and experiencing the pub is probably one less item on your bucket list.

Why is Frau Möller called Frau Möller?

Originally there was a carpet shop in the Langen Reihe 96. In 1983, the landlord converted the shop. One day before the opening of the new pub everything was ready, only the name was missing. So the staff came together to vote for the pub’s name.

The result was decided unanimously. The pub was named after the owner’s dog: “Frau Möller”.

Source: Author: Mathias Thurm

See you in Hamburg, Moin!

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