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One of those special places I went; was the Blackfriars Restaurant in Newcastle. The Restaurant is located in a former 13th-century refectory, believed to be the oldest dining room in the UK.  Within the complex, there is also a Cookery School, Tasting Room, Meeting Room, Banquet Hall, King’s Suite and Cloister Garden where you can enjoy a host of dining options and events.

Blackfriars I was there

How did I end up being there at Blackfriars? It all started with a request of a small collaboration of installers, they wanted to visit the Thorn plant (led lighting manufacturer) near Newcastle. The owners plus their partners went on this trip. In every trip, event or incentive, I try to organize something special. A thing my clients and attendees will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Because I had never been to Newcastle, I consulted the NewcastleGateshead Convention Bureau and one of my question was: 'Do you have an event you recommend that will knock my guests of their feet?' 

It will be no surprise they came up with Blackfriars. At the event they served medieval food, the waiters were dressed as monks. We even had a performance of musique and entertaining in medieval style. It became an amazing event.

The convention bureau did an amazing job, helped me with everything, such as the hotel, guide and all transfers.

So for me it is not a question how to set things up, I always work with a local DMC and Convention Bureau. If you ever go there with your team or colleagues, or just some sight seeing. Newcaste is worth a visit. Because there is more to see and experience it yourself.

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