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Admittedly, I would love to live there, I already said that when I was there and left. Could work there, in Hospitality, have your own bar or simply as a Digital Nomad. Not that I want to invite everyone to come at the same time, because then it will be too busy. Opatija is simply a beautiful place, a step back in history. A time when it was one of the most famous seaside resorts in Europe. Don't forget The Lungomare, it is an enchanting seafront promenade that stretches along the coast of Kvarner Bay. I enjoyed it more than anything, close to Rijeka, and you can easily reach the province of Istria. Opatija is simply wonderful.

Opatija I was there

So how did I end up in Opatija? Due to a post MEETEX FAM trip, I joined as a hosted buyer. Part of the trip was aimed at getting to know the beautiful town, its history, possible activities and culinary surprises. We had one of the nicest tours trough town ever. Thanks again Goran Pavlović of the Opatija Convention Bureau and Visit Opatija, it was not only a warm welcome, it was one of the best trips ever thanks to you and your team members.

Opatija is very suitable for a MICE event, as I have already indicated in previous blogs about Croatia. Why is Opatija so suitable? It is the location, the relatively good accessibility. The atmosphere in the town, possibilities for activities. The hospitality is sublime and there is a lot of variety. I think I have made a great recommendation by wholeheartedly recommending this destination.

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