The Wadden Sea

Gepubliceerd op 15 januari 2022 om 09:00

For a large part of my life I lived on the island of Terschelling, where I worked in hospitality. Bars, restaurants and hotels. I had the time of my life there, worked hard and enjoyed everything that came my way. What I hardly ever talk about is nature. It is rough, windy and unpredictable. Beautifully sunny, but also not or almost never too hot.

"The moste beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands"

The Wadden Sea is the inland sea between the Wadden Islands and the North Sea on the one hand, and the mainland of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark on the other. The area stretches between Den Helder in the Netherlands and Esbjerg in Denmark, has a length of 500 km and an average width of 20 km.

There is so much to tell about it, but it is well explained on the Visit de Wadden website. The website is not the prettiest, but everything can be found there. Otherwise I can tell you a lot about it, feel free to email me, I have often been a guide. Be adventurous, combine it with other destinations such as Amsterdam. The mudflats will amaze you.

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