Green Arnhem

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Arnhem is a city and municipality in the Netherlands and the capital of the province of Gelderland. The municipality has 163,072 inhabitants as of 1 July 2021, making it the twelfth municipality in the Netherlands.

Naturally adventurous Arnhem

Arnhem is not a big city, but the location in the middle of nature is fantastic. Together with Nijmegen and the large towns around it, they form a kind of Green Metropool. Arnhem is conveniently located in the Netherlands. About an hour by train from Schiphol and Amsterdam. Rotterdam is slightly longer by train. The nature reserve De Veluwe borders the city located on the Rhine and IJssel. Via the De Liemers region you will arrive in the heart of the Achterhoek region in no time. Germany is very close.

The hospitality in and around Arnhem is great. Beautiful hotels, some in the middle of nature. You can have a great night out at the Korenmarkt, a place with all kinds of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Of course you can enjoy shopping in the very old town. Arnhem has a past. A black page, the World War II, a large part of the city was in ruins after the war. You will therefore see many old and modern buildings.
The Open Air Museum and Burgers Zoo are highly recommended for MICE events. The city has so much to offer in the MICE area, it's almost unimaginable.

Arnhem is also one of fashion, art and green technology. The city of the football club Vitesse. The Airborne Walking Tours. Arnhem was a bridge too far in World War II, the John Frost Bridge. Sports center Papendal, now almost legendary in the world, because that's where it starts for Team.NL. In and around Arnhem you can walk, cycle and enjoy nature.

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