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Gepubliceerd op 8 januari 2022 om 09:00

Dear directors, managers, board of directors and management teams. Do you think about your meetings next year, your MICE events (Meeting Incentive Congress/Convention Event)? Set goals in advance, work with professionals and think about that important meeting, incentive or event? Can it be done elsewhere too? What would you like? Where to go to?

Where do all those questions lead to?

And what about very important Meetings? Strategic meetings? Brainstorming sessions? Targeted management meetings with the aim of taking important decisions? The reward of a year of hard work. An Incentive! What is the goal? The theme? What do you want to get out of it? Only team building or do you want them to become none the wiser, Mr. director or manager? That one Congress that is held annually. Can the Convention do it differently? Yes, it can be done differently, if you dare to do it differently. It can be done in other places and certainly in a different environment. An Exhibition without a high-profile subject or disappointing presentation fades away as soon as the Event is over.

Fill in these questions and I'll help you on your way:

Our network is larger than you are used to from most travel agents. A project is about to start that will change the whole MICE world in the future, with the same stakeholders.

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