Zutphen so much history

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Zutphen is a city in the Dutch province of Gelderland, located on the right bank of the river IJssel. It is the capital of the municipality of Zutphen with 48,099 inhabitants and the city has 39,440 inhabitants. The history of Zutphen spans more than 1700 years.

Unique & Original ZUTPHEN

Anyone approaching Zutphen will be moved by its beautiful location on the water. Zutphen, the city with the striking towers and stately merchant houses; Curiosity about what lies behind it is already roused from a distance. Thus it is not surprising that Zutphen is visited, every year in summer as well as in winter, by hundreds of thousands of residents from the region and by tourists. Events, markets, a comprehensive selection of shops, restaurants, pubs, museums, and galleries, serve as a true magnet for the region.

I practically grew up in Zutphen, a bit of a village-like town. Nice, cozy and a beautiful environment. I could show you around, but I also know the authorities that can do this much better. There are more Hanseatic cities such as Zutphen. But Zutphen is the gem, with the towns of Bronkhorst and Vorden close by. information about Hospitality in Zutphen..

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