Is Croatia a MICE destination?

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At almost all trade shows of the travel and hospitality industry, I have spoken with hotel owners and managers, DMC's and Convention Bureaus from Croatia. I always thought it was a fantastic country to begin with and high on my bucket list. In 2022 I was invited to MEETEX again the second year in a row, Later that year I was asked for a Study Trip with Katarina line in October and went on a FAM trip (Zagreb, Rovinj, Opatija and Rijeka). The question I asked myself everywhere was quite simple: "Is the destination or activity suitable for MICE events?"

We already know the answer to the question. Croatia is very suitable for MICE, but to be honest, people are still largely geared to tourism.
There are certainly opportunities and possibilities for Meetings. There are beautiful locations at the various destinations. In terms of incentives, there are endless possibilities. For Congresses and Conventions there is sufficient choice from a very diverse offer. And it can be guessed that holding the Event will not be a problem either.

My advice is to work with DMCs and Convention Bureaus

Of course I know the way now, but there are some things you have to take into account.
Croats are a bit like the Dutch in general, they have a strong opinion, but are also open to other opinions. They don't judge. They are very competitive, wanting to be the best at everything. People are also very aware of their own situation. In the last year they have mainly tried to deal with Covid. But behind the scenes people are busy setting up other markets and the MICE. Not that it wasn't there, but because of the crowds in tourism it became more or less like a neglected child.

Destinations Croatia Toerism MICE Contact Convention Bureau DMC & Hotels Qualified for MICE
Croatia as a country Many options Many options Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zagreb Hidden secrets Enough options Yes Yes Yes Yes, but go for special activities
Rovinj Luxurus options Less options Yes Yes Yes Combined yes
Opatija & Rijeka Various options Many options Yes Yes Yes Great oportunities, Opatija is top
Dubrovnik Many options Enough options Yes Yes Yes Yes, pre and post season
Korcula Various options Many options Yes Yes Yes Yes, enough oportunities
Hvar Many options Many options Yes Yes Yes Great oportuinties, combine
Split Many options Enough options Yes Yes Yes Yes, pre and post season
Katarina Line Many options Options Yes No No Yes, various destinations

As in many European countries, the English language will not be a problem, good detailed contact is a matter of course. Communicating is done with a light accent, so it's no problem, it's just the charm of visiting another country. The younger generation already speaks English at a very high level, the young youth almost without an accent. However, do not have to wait for tight to go already. 

Croatia is already worth going now

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