Croatia FAM Trip 2021 after MEETEX

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The FAM trip to Croatia 7 to 10 July 2021 is already 3 years behind us. To start with an idea I had beforehand about Croatia, that turned out to be wrong. Croatia is very suitable for MICE, although I noticed that people are still largely geared to tourism.

Kindness, sense of humor and self-mockery. You often saw them laughing and joking with each other. It was also romantic, the places we have seen certainly were. What I liked most was the attitude, the will to learn and to get better in MICE. Magnificent.

Croatia, Full of Life

It all started during the online Meetex, then I thought gosh, what nice people. Authentic, sincere and interested. Even now I have a very close contact with some.
When I was invited for the FAM trip I was honored and very curious. My late mother wanted to go to Croatia before she died. For me it was on my bucket list, no rush and certainly not a must. At the various fairs, I had often met Croats and had good memories of them.

Zagreb - A surprising city I might say. Majestic buildings, palaces, beautiful streets and what a rich history. It is modern, inviting and has a friendly character. It is quite open and very suitable for MICE. The region is suitable for all kinds of activities.

Rovinj - Istria is very similar to the Slovenian part just across the border. Near every house you can see vegetable gardens, vines, olive trees and crops. Then you know exactly what it's all about. Agriculture and horticulture, but all on a fairly small scale. Although the companies are growing, especially wineries, the quality is great. Truffles, olive oil and vegetables, what a delicacy. A heaven for Foodies.

Rovinj is an old town at the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Located on a hill, with the church on top. Well suited to MICE, a sort of scavenger hunt to find your way around the narrow streets and learn about the history, is a must do. You should definitely visit the Kozlovic winery. Opposite the bay and the beautiful marina are a number of great hotels, the Grand Park Hotel is an eye catcher and extremely suitable for MICE events. The hotels next door are also fine.

Opatija & Rijeka - Opatija is close to Rijeka, which is located in the part of Croatia called Kvarner. Opatija is a very special place. If you ask me I'll say this place is perfect for MICE. It really has everything, it is different from the other destinations. The hotels are not huge, they are warm, cozy and have a rich history. The lungomare, the adjacent fishing village of Volosko, the botanical gardens, many catering establishments and the hinterland. Everything is available for a perfect MICE event.

Rijeka is special because of its history. A nod to the past can be found here with the necessary humor. You could make a kind of comparison with the city of Rotterdam or the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands, it is immediately new, sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly. It has a wonderful market and fish market. A rich history over the centuries, it has often changed nationality. There is a twofold of everything. A city full of culture and plans. Within an hour and a half we were at Zagreb airport,
Later in October I will go again with Katarina Line, then to Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Hvar. Looking forward to it already.

Hvala Croatia, check out the Hospitality B2B MICE Network page

Soon more about MICE events in Croatia

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