Crowd funding Project EventHeartFinder

Gepubliceerd op 30 juli 2021 om 09:00

The Business Plan for the Project EventHeartFinder has been written and assessed. The figures are a realistic representation of the plans. We spoke with a number of participants, web and app builders, a subsidy provider and an accountant. All possible steps have been taken. Now is the time to get the EventHeartFinder project funded. The project has been set up with great care.

Totale investment needs € 150.000
Investment needs € 90.000
Working capital needs € 20.000
Start-up costs € 40.000

We are looking for a combination of the following crowdfunding options:

  • Crowdfunding: based on loans, peer-to-peer: preferably with a crowdfunder/financier specialized in IT and innovation
  • Crowdfunding, equity-based: investors, companies, individuals or participating participants
  • Crowdfunding based on rewards: for example prepaid costs by 'Boards of Tourism' in various countries, Convention Bureaus or Destinations. Think of x years including  a fixed rate.
  • Crowdfunding via investors, return or profit is difficult to determine in advance.

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