What is the goal of your MICE event this year?

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Dear directors, managers, boards of directors and management teams, are you already thinking about what you want to achieve this year and the period after?

Making plans involves setting goals. Achievable goal-oriented goals. Nothing is more difficult than reaching the end goal without a good strategy. How many meetings or consultations have we had where you were thinking about dinner for the evening during the meeting? The meeting on Monday, the kick off of the week, were they still so fantastic after the 5th time? The sales meetings, always the same sense and nonsense. The quarterly meetings with everyone, were they so great?

“Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.” ―Sean Covey

You can therefore improve the regular meetings, gatherings and consultation moments by setting a goal. Together in advance or an assignment for all participants. No overload of work out assignments, but a direction about the way in which the meeting takes place. In any case, you will achieve greater involvement and targeting. And it should be fun to do, innovative and creative.

And what about very important Meetings? Strategic meetings? Brainstorming sessions? Targeted management meeting with the aim of taking important decisions?

The reward of a year of hard work. An Incentive! What is the goal? The theme? What do you want to get out of it? Only team building or do you want them to become none the wiser, Mr. director or manager?

That one Congress that is held annually. Can the Convention do it differently? Yes, it can be done differently, if you dare to do it differently. It can be done in other places and certainly in a different environment.

An Exhibition without a high-profile subject or disappointing presentation fades away as soon as the Event is over.

So now think about your meeting, your MICE event (Meeting Incentive Congress/Convention Exhibition/Event). Set goals in advance, work with professionals and think about that important meeting, incentive or event? Can it be done elsewhere too? What would you like? Where to go?

Make a list of questions to ask yourself before you start dreaming.
1. What do you want to achieve with your company/organization/team?
2. How do you want or do you think you will achieve that goal or those goals?
3. How will you determine the strategy for this? Alone or together?
4. How are you going to set the goals? Alone or together or do you delegate this?
5. For whom and with whom? Who are the main characters or key players?
6. When do you want to start or have reached your goal? What is the plan?
7. Where do you want to hold the gatherings, consultation moments, meetings?

Once you have an answer to these important questions, an idea will naturally arise of how you want to achieve it in the basics. And for us event professionals, not less important, where? So if you have all goals clear. Know who you want to hold that important event for. Then you still need to know the number of people who are going to participate and, last but not least, the budget per person?

As an intermediary I know the way! I know the best places and destinations. Travel Agents and Tour Operators. I have the best hotels and venues for your event in my network, you can always choose. Which local local DMC we enable. If you have made that clear together with me and the stakeholders, you don't have to worry anymore. It will be fine!

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We know our way around in Europe. Special locations, beautiful and above all unknown destinations.

Special events tailor-made for you by excellent event professionals.

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