Traveling Man

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From my first trip to Rotterdam as a little kid I became fond of traveling and the adventure attracted me. Soon I traveled to the island of Terschelling alone and throughout the Netherlands. I read many books, the stories worked on my imagination and took me on a journey to the places in the books. It has never been a bucket list where to go to, but the journey, every journey is still an adventure.

The most beautiful city for me is still Vancouver, the location, the bay and the Lions Gate Bridge. Cape Town was also fantastic. Likewise Lisbon, Vilnius, Hamburg. Ljubljana, Athens, Split, Zagreb, Krakau, Dubrovnik, Zutphen, Groningen, London, Vienna, Lucca and really, I've been amazed everywhere. I am also not tired of traveling, nor do I get tired of my experiences.

Every journey starts with the idea or sometimes with that one invitation. Sometimes it is an inexplicable urge to visit that one place or city. It is not materialistic, but a desire to experience, taste and smell it. The vivid memories are clearer than an episode of your favorite series, or your last dinner. Not all of the experiences you get from travel can be captured in photos or on film. The taste of the wine you drink, the smell of lavender, the sea or the city.

I thoroughly enjoy every trip. It's fantastic to meet people. Learn from their customs and experience them. Taste and experience being there, in the now!
There are also endless possibilities for businesses. Lunch on top of a mountain, where you reach the top on snowshoes. That one walk to a bear sanctuary, and then a meeting somewhere in Greece. Hold a brainstorming session or a strategic meeting on a boat on the Adriatic Sea. Or just break the routine to achieve more by combining business and pleasure. Bleasure, there are so many opportunities and possibilities!

“When the travel virus strikes, there is no medicine for it. And I know I will be a happy patient until I die.” – Michael Palin

Text adjusted to the blog

I'm a travelin' man and I've made a lot of stops
All over the world
And in every port(place or city) I own the heart
Of at least one lovely girl, event group........or loving memory.

Oh, I'm a travelin' man
Yes, I'm a travelin' man